Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is one of the easy ripped quilts we do at Patchwork (sorry the photo isn't great). It is made using 9 x 1/2 metre of fabrics and 1 fat 1/4 for the centre. You rip each piece in half across the width of the fabric (about 9 1/2") and sew it like a log cabin block. Trimming off as you go.
The basic formula is stick to about 3 main colours when choosing fabrics. (don't try to match shades) and use a variety of scale fabrics.
I added a couple of vintage fabrics to this quilt.
I decide the colours to put together as I go, using a design wall or laying out on the floor.
It was then sent to the machine quilter and crosshatch quilted, then bound.

My very favourite poster by the talented Shannon Lamden from Auntie Cookie. (sorry I don't know how to link yet so do a google)

::update:: here is a link to Aunty Cookie!

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