Sunday, March 28, 2010

Camberwell market finds

I slept in this morning so just had a nice wonder around after eight and had coffee with a friend.
These are a couple of little purchases. The New Workbox took my fancy. It is from a set of school reading cards. Such lovely simple hand drawn graphics which are screenprinted using a limited palette.
The fabric is a 1940's skirt made of rayon.
P.S. Happy Birthday Kate, hope you had a lovely day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

News Flash "Patchwork on Central Park is NOT Closing"

After being told I was closing down for the third time, I thought it may be a good post subject.
In a word NO. Some mischievous people love to start and pass on a rumor! but please it is always a good idea to check out facts from the source before passing on false information.
As I said in my last post for the year I have decided to put the business up for sale. (look back for details)
Patchwork on Central is a Great business and fabrics are my passion. As anyone who has been in lately can see it is business as usual, with as much new fabric as ever. I have just signed a 3 x 3 x 3 year lease so am not in any great hurry.
I will be sending out my intentions to everyone on my email list after the end of this financial year as well as advertise, as I have done no more about selling than put it on my blog and tell a few customers.
Meanwhile I will have the shop at the Quilt Convention in April and the Sydney Quilt Show in June.
Hope this clears up this subject.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Don't you just love a gift that keeps coming! I received a subscription to the gorgeous British magazine Selvedge for Christmas last year and get such a surprise when I get home and find it sitting on the bench.
It takes me two seconds to rip the envelope open flick through and then many days to devour every word and image in it.
I had intended to cut out a new quilt but I have my priorities.
When seeing the ad in the mag, I did feel a bit jealous of Adrienne and Carolyn from the shop, who will soon be on their way to London to see the wonderful Quilt Exhibition at the V&A.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Liberty Circle Scarf

Liberty fabrics are one of my favourite fabrics and the wonderful thing about them is, that it's
hard to get a bad result when using them.
It is nice to see the young designers going back to using the fabric in fashion.
This is a quick project that I have made using a half metre pack (8x16th's from the shop) You will get quite a few scarves from this pack.
Cut all the fabric into circles (I used a glass bottom to trace circle onto template plastic)
Sit at machine and feed through and sew, joining all together across fabric. As per photo.
I made mine about 1.8 long.
These scarves are a good addition to brighten up any outfit.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Contemporary Quilt

When I make a quilt I like to leave it after cutting out for a day or so.
This gives me a bit of space to re arrange the pieces if I feel inclined. With this quilt after first placing the yellow's I decided that they were a little light. The white background that was coming through made them stand out too much. So out came my old skills of tea dying (from my country phase)
Tea Dying
Take large pot put on stove and boil water.
Place 3 - 6 tea bags in pot.
Boil until medium strength tea. Take tea bags out.
Wet fabric to be dyed under tap. Wring out.
Place fabric into dye bath and stir so that it is evenly dyed.
boil for about 5 mins. Take out.
Rinse under cold tap.
Iron dry.
This is really good for that fabric that just does not go with anything. Test fabric first with a small piece, less tea if you just want to take the brightness out. Don't go too dark as it just goes ugly.

The main aim when making this quilt was keeping the fabrics so they all blend without being boring.
Now it is ready to be sent to Casey for quilting.
Kits of these fabrics available in the shop.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contemporary Quilts

After many requests I have decided to run a few Saturday classes dedicated to making and designing your own contemporary quilt using the ripped method. I have had many students achieve great results in past classes, I am told it helps get any frustrations out of your system at the same time.
Anyone interested just call into the shop, phone or email. I run a casual basics class every second week with a max of 6 students. This class will concentrate on design and how to achieve a balanced quilt.
The photo's are of my current project using a variety of Kaffe fabrics and Japanese fabrics currently in stock. (yet to be sewn) It will be in the shop later this week for anyone who would like a look.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Last stop Tram 5

Tram Destination rolls seem to be everywhere at the moment, but quite expensive. I had these destinations printed over 18 months ago and it is a cheap way of getting the look on a budget.
We sell the panels, for $10 each on the lightweight linen, or $30 a panel on the heavier French linen. (really nice for cushions.)
I used the lightweight one to make the door curtain and put a piece of calico between them and top and bottom. I think is very appropriate for the shop at last stop tram 5.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sydney Queen Victoria Building

You often read of the supposed rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney. I have always thought is a media beat up.
On my recent trip to Sydney I had breakfast in the wonderful Queen Victoria Building.
What a beautiful building. We all get so busy with our day to day goings on that we don't stop to admire the beauty we all have in our own cities.
These a a couple of photo's I took in the building and also a window of a Surrey Hills terrace.
The floors of the QVB would make a great quilt pattern.

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's time again for my once yearly clear out at
95 AUBURN ROAD, HAWTHORN EAST 3123 VIC 03 98824995
As usual I have been pretty ruthless. All bags and quite a few clothes etc in the store are all 50% OFF.
The remaining stock is discounted also.
As I am no longer Australian Distributor of the French products Place des Lices I am clearing out the warehouse!
I have put out heaps at 70% OFF and 50% OFF
A great opportunity to stockpile presents for Mothers Day and birthdays. Anyone who knows the product knows how lovely it is.
See you this week.
It is only on for 1 WEEK ONLY and ends on SATURDAY.
Come early to get the best bargains.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitsch Rellie's

I have always been fond of a bit of kitsch! So when I saw these at Camberwell Market this morning I knew they needed to come home with me.
I have had my cousin staying with me this week and like many older baby boomers she is doing our family tree.
I tell you what, fact is more bizarre than fiction! After looking at her tree it turned out I was second cousin to a close friends, sisters husband, even though he came from SA and I came from WA his mother and my father were cousins.
Probably another good reason to be nice to everyone, you never know who you are related to.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alice and other things

In light of the much awaited Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland, I thought I would give you a sneak peek of Effie's latest quilt. She is appliqueing images off the gorgeous, Japanese double sided muslin that is in the shop. If you are interested in the class book early as her class fills quickly.

Washed Linen and thought provoking Graffiti

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Skirt

I am loving the double sided Japanese cotton gauze fabric that came in about a month ago.
So I made up this quick skirt.
I used 2.25cm of fabric
Cut it into 3 separate 75 cm x 110cm pieces. Then,
Cut 1 piece down fold, you now have two full width pieces and two half width pieces. (4 total)
Sew seams, with half widths on sides then full width front and back.
Fold over and iron 1 1/2" on top sew around.
Cut two small holes in front of casing and thread a ribbon through one and out the other.
Done. I didn't hem mine as I like this look but hem if you don't.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Patchwork Is So Gay

I found this so cute bag in one of my Vintage magazines, thought I would share it. Someone may like to make it. The heading is a great example of how our language has changed and words have different meanings now.
I hope I have kept it in order, I am sure you can work it out.
I would make up my own template if you are making it, as I would say this one will be distorted.
Have fun. I would love it if anyone does make it up to send me a photo to post.