Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crochet fabric bag

I have been staying home a bit and spending time with my dear mum. This is what she has been doing, I have been trying to sort stuff from the warehouse and finding lost keys.
We lined it with an old silk scarf . The handles are just pinned ready to sew.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Effie's embroidery

Effie has been on holidays (welcome back) and has been busy embroidering her baby blanket that her mum had kept for her. Isn't it beautiful. It is so nice I had to show and tell.
The design is from the promotion books for Liberty of London's new summer seasonals due in Jan11. This design is by Lucy Boden. Effie's favourite childhood story was the owl and the pussycat so this was perfect.
Liberty has commissioned artist/illustrators for many designs in this coming crop.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Les Olivades

Here are some of the beautiful fabric from Les Olivades that have just arrived. I am thinking of using the large floral in the centre for my new quilt. Yes I know they are expensive but isn't everything good!
Sorry about the lack of fabrics on my website at the moment this will be rectified soon. Narelle has been a bit busy getting my figures done for the end of financial year. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liberty Love

Well I will be very glad when this month is finished and the massive job of clearing out the warehouse is finished.
Thanks again to anyone who came and bought again today. It was a bit crazy this morning with all the usual dealers swarming in after it was advertised in the Age.
This made me realize how lovely my normal customers are who came along to the warehouse sale last week and this week are. Thanks again.
I am loving looking at at the new Seasonal Liberty fabrics that came in last week planning a new quilt. To make it even more tempting for you all, a new shipment of the covetable French fabrics from Les Olivades arrived yesterday. They certainly know how to get it right.
I will take a photo when I work tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Warehouse Sale again 9am Saturday 17th

Today I have been marking down what is left (quite a bit) except a few things we are taking over to Scarlet. So if you want some real bargains pop in tommorow.
p.s. More photo's on the see link on sidebar.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liberty Of London Huge shipment just arrived!

I have eagerly awaiting the delivery of the current Liberty of London Seasonals, 107 bolts arrived today and they are gorgeous. Included in the delivery are perennial Classics that we have been out of.
Liberty fans be quick as i am sure many will walk out very quickly.
Narelle will put them on the website next week.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Week

Welcome to the new week, even though it is Tuesday. I am still wading through the stuff in the warehouse even though i have cleared quite a bit. At least my house smells gorgeous now as the Place des Lices cosmetics have a new home in my proposed studio space, which has been put on hold.
It has been very enjoyable working in Patchwork for the last few weeks while Effie has a well deserved holiday. She will be back next week, leaving me more time to continue clearing and shifting.
There is another Sale on Saturday 17th and I will be making deals! the more I sell the less I will need to move. Only the few things that I will be taking home and putting in scarlet will be exempt. So come along.
Meanwhile I have finished dying the scarves Mum I were making here are the results. Also here is my Mum's latest crochet fabric rug. Have a good week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday day of rest

Today I have had a lovely day off, starting with my morning walk around Camberwell Market.
I know I should be keeping away but the lure is too strong. I needed to get flowers anyway.
I was so strong I only bought these cute fish salt and pepper shakers from the 1950's, the colours in them are so lovely.
The flower man at the market has the best flowers! they last for the full week and he has a great variety, four bunches of Gerbera's and two bunches of fresia's are only $22.
Fresh flowers always make me happy.
I will worry about the warehouse later. To quote the famous Scarlet O'Hara "Tomorrow is another day!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One quarter cleared

Well what a job I have given myself and poor Geoff. Thank you all who came and bought many of
the eclectic goods I have collected.
It is funny how the perception of need changes when you no longer have extra space and are faced with it all coming into my house and yard. I am having another clearing Sale on the next two weekends so what is left and not being taken to Scarlet will be going very cheaply.
Meanwhile I have been stitching this white linen scarf for sanity, even Mum has been stitching it too.
I have used some ribbon and a vintage crochet doily and stitched with pearl thread. It is looking pretty nice.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Warehouse Sale this Saturday more pics

Not my best photo's but it gives a little overview of the kind of cute stuff I have been coveting for some time. I spent today pricing everything some are priced to go into Scarlet, but a huge amount of stuff has been priced to clear. I just have to close my eyes and breath deeply tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linen Scarf, New old Kaffe fabrics

Just a quick post to say new web is up and will be added to over the next weeks.
I will mainly be having Liberty fabrics and Japanese imports including our extensive range of Nani Iro and Echino.
I have just made another linen scarf that is probably more suited to Summer, even though I am not a big fan of purple it has come out a distinct shade related to purple and I must say i do love it.
We have also received a shipment of perennial Kaffe Fassett.
Didn't get to the warehouse tonight before dark so decided to wait until tomorrow to take more photo's.
It is a bit of an obstacle course!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Website and Featherweight for sale

Cath Bag pattern available $15 an oldie but goodie!

Well I think I am getting my head around clearing out and will definitely need more therapy after it is all gone! (I am such a hoarder)
Meanwhile Ben has been busy organizing a new website so please be patient as there will be less fabrics on it for a month or so as they are all transferred over, and the cover is still loading. It looks great! thanks Ben.
I am selling a so cute Singer featherweight sewing machine from the 1950's for Emma as she is clearing out also in readiness of moving house.
It is in Patchwork if anyone is interested. It is in beautiful condition.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Warehouse Sale

OMG I have just been told I have three weeks to get everything out of my warehouse in Boardman St, East Malvern (rear 833 Dandenong road)
I have been there for 7 yeas but have used it for a spare room for the last 5 years.
Everything now must GO!
I have really great vintage stuff there (stuff that I have had trouble parting with) furniture bric a brack tables etc.
I will be putting pics on the next few days.
The first sale is on Saturday the 10th July from 9am till 5pm. There will be some really good bargains there!
p.s. cats are much friendlier and getting big, Nancy is too quick for me but Sid is happy hiding in linen.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Week

New Japanese fabrics in Patchwork on Central Park

New dress made by the talented Kate (one flew over) (Thanks Kate it is gorgeous) Shannon from Auntie Cookie has made a new pattern for a simple sun frock $8.80 available in Patchwork

It has been a pretty busy week around here, Patchwork has been so busy as we are getting a constant stream of new fabrics, today's were Echino.
I saw some great skirts made up in Echino fabric using the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt, it looks amazing and the fabric suits clothing really well.
Effie is on holiday so I am working in the Patchwork shop, I always love doing this as it gives me a fresh look and I usually see all the things I choose to ignore when I just flit in and out.
Mainly my back room! I am a bit guilty of using it as a place to put anything I don't know where to put things, hence the mess it gets in!
I spent yesterday sorting it out and making room for a lot of fabrics that have been replaced with newer ones.
I have put a huge pile of fabrics out for $12 a metre, they are also on the web now in the sale section. I am sure there are quite a few surprises there.
Have a great week and enjoy the rest of the school holidays.
We are eagerly awaiting the huge new shipment of liberty fabrics due, including the new seasonals and many of the classics we are out of.
I will keep you posted.
P.S. We just have all the Oliver + S patterns arrive, I will have some sample made up in the next few weeks.