Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Week

Welcome to the new week, even though it is Tuesday. I am still wading through the stuff in the warehouse even though i have cleared quite a bit. At least my house smells gorgeous now as the Place des Lices cosmetics have a new home in my proposed studio space, which has been put on hold.
It has been very enjoyable working in Patchwork for the last few weeks while Effie has a well deserved holiday. She will be back next week, leaving me more time to continue clearing and shifting.
There is another Sale on Saturday 17th and I will be making deals! the more I sell the less I will need to move. Only the few things that I will be taking home and putting in scarlet will be exempt. So come along.
Meanwhile I have finished dying the scarves Mum I were making here are the results. Also here is my Mum's latest crochet fabric rug. Have a good week.

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  1. Love your mum's stitching & crochet- beautiful!