Monday, July 5, 2010

Warehouse Sale

OMG I have just been told I have three weeks to get everything out of my warehouse in Boardman St, East Malvern (rear 833 Dandenong road)
I have been there for 7 yeas but have used it for a spare room for the last 5 years.
Everything now must GO!
I have really great vintage stuff there (stuff that I have had trouble parting with) furniture bric a brack tables etc.
I will be putting pics on the next few days.
The first sale is on Saturday the 10th July from 9am till 5pm. There will be some really good bargains there!
p.s. cats are much friendlier and getting big, Nancy is too quick for me but Sid is happy hiding in linen.


  1. You know what they say...'one door closes, another opens'!

    I can only imagine the goodies lurking at Boardman Street!

  2. oh my. the last thing I need is anything else to stuff in my little apartment. but this has me really excited.

    hullo kitty cat!

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