Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last post for the year

This little moth was waiting to be saved this morning.
I love the colour of the soft drink, and the contrast.

My lovely little vintage angel from Camberwell Market.

Paris sign bought at Tinsel trading in New York. Effie made this great gingerbread house for me! Delicious!

This will be my last post for this year. Christmas is over and I have a few days off.
It has been a great year in the shop and my wonderful staff are having a well deserved rest.
I am working in Patchwork (open Tuesday to Thursday this week) Scarlet Jones is closed for two weeks.
I have reluctantly decided it is time to sell Patchwork on Central Park next year.
Meanwhile it's business as usual with lots of great classes and fabrics coming up next year.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Make a Ripped Quilt

I promised to give a quick run down, on the basic recipe for my quick ripped quilts.
So here goes!
Quilt is made from 10 x 1/2 m 's
Choose one amazing piece of fabric for centre (feature), then co-ordinate 9 other fabrics to match.
Try not to use any more than 3 colours, from this main fabric for your co-ordinates. (don't worry about shades they will all work.) use a variety of small medium and large prints.
Trust your own judgment!
Cut feature in half, to make 2 fat 1/4's (50 x 56cm) set one aside and cut the other in half across fabric.
Rip each of the other 9 pieces into half lengthwise selvedge to selvedge.
Cut each piece into three random size pieces, mix up fabrics.
Sit at the machine and sew the pieces together into one long strip. (pick up pieces that you like together)
Starting with fat 1/4 sew patchworked strip onto one side, cut off excess.
Turn and sew strip to next side.
(same method as making a log cabin block)
continue until all fabric used. This will make a square quilt. If you want a rectangle just put an extra strip top and bottom instead of all around.

Hope I haven't confused anyone! You are welcome to come into the shop and anyone who is working will give you a demo!

Trim as you go. Enjoy!
Go back through the past posts to see the other photo's of this quilt.

I am more than happy, to make up kits for you. Just choose one fabric on our online store and I can do the rest.

More Crochet

This is my dear mum, Metta May making her latest rug. I love how it is turning out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mum's mats

I still need to learn a bit about this blogging stuff but I am happy enough to muddle through.
These are a couple of the wonderful crochet rugs my lovely mum makes. Mum is now 89 and does not like having nothing in her hands, so she makes these rag rugs using all the leftover scraps from the shop.
She always says she just puts them together but if you watch her she thinks very carefully about what goes together, as you can see.
I will put a few more on in the next couple of weeks, hopefully better photo's.