Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Back

Mum's grandchildren minus five.
breakfast at The Pantry Door in North Perth such beautiful presentation
It was wet and cold in Perth but this rainbow was just above Mum's house.

I am back from Mum's 90's birthday which was in my old home town Perth.
Apart from the usual family dramas that come from being a part of one of 9 , I had a really nice time.
I think mum had a good time but the next day she was not aware the party was actually for her and just thought it was a nice party.
I had a week over there and caught up with Debbie from Calico and Ivy and Sophie from Materialize.
Both of these shops were lovely but it was Calico's new shop that inspired me to come back and re think a few of my display's, talk about lifting the bar.
Deb has done a lovely job of her new shop space. So when I come back from Sydney I will have a big change around. Luckily we still have an awesome range of fabrics, so that is my saving grace.
I think it is always a good idea to not get too comfortable in business and it is good to be inspired by others.
I will put some photo's on later this week.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Design Sponge

I am still not up with how this all works so am unable to put a photo from another site on my blog.
So i am telling you.
Go Look at Design Sponge's latest post!
It has a great Floor cushion on it. The link is on the side bar.
I must ask Em so as I can do it next time.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kittens and Linen dress

This cute dress was headed to Scarlet to be sold. But Effie loved it so much that it did not get there.
It is made from the washed French lightweight linen that we have over at Scarlet Jones.
I will be bringing some over to Patchwork for anyone who does not get there.

Those kittens are still elusive but are coming out to play a bit more. These are a few of my snaps of them.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Autumn in Melbourne is such a great season, the European trees have the most glorious colours and make you look at the beauty around us.
It saddens me to see the campaign against them that is quietly happening. It will be a sad day for Melbourne if the purists for Australian trees get their way and eventually replace them.
I have always felt it is these old trees that make Melbourne such a beautiful city.
Anyway enough of my soapbox. It has been such a busy week in both shops, the colder weather bring our thoughts back to sewing and rugging up.
I have been kept busy with my new family! I have two new babies. Got them for mothers day from the Lort Smith shelter in North Melbourne.
Sid and Nancy are two adorable kittens but so scared! It has taken a week for them to learn to play and still take refuge under the couch the slightest noise. So much so, they are too quick to get a photo that is not blurred. I am sure they will settle in a couple of weeks.
My photos this week are pretty random.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Munki Munki and around the store

After going to the AQC I have been pretty busy this is a little skirt
that I made using 4 x 10cm strips of Liberty. Sewn together and
then cut into three equal pieces. Re join into a circle and sew hem.
Make a casing on the top and put elastic into casing (about 15") this fits
a size 3.
Scarf linen packs and Liberty rolls.
Perenial "Cath Bag". This is a fabulous bag that I made up from a
vintage bag purchased in USA about 8 years ago.
It has been such a great bag and is still my most popular pattern.
Fabric is my own screen print design on Linen.

Original Munki Munki fabric.
Quite a few years ago I saw Heather Ross exhibiting at the New York Gift fair. She had PJ's and Childrens clothing. I loved her fabrics and bought some of it. Funny but it was a really slow seller! So it went on holiday.
As you all know Heather is now incredibly hot now. And I still have some fabric left. Call the store if you want some. It is $10 a fat 1/4.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilt Show

Today is the last day of the Melbourne Quilt Convention. It has been a really fun few days reconnecting with so many of the lovely people I have met over the last 16 years in the craft world. So nice to see some who have been so sick looking so well.
It is great to see and talk to so many new people to craft as well.
Mind you towards the end of yesterday I was feeling the consequences of standing all day and retreated to my chair. I was pretty glad I had resisted the lure to go out and had a really early night.
Even though it is the last day, I must say packing up is my least favourite thing.
Thankfully I have a really good husband that is happy to do all the heavy lifting.
The Tram destination fabric has been the voted most popular item of the show.
This is a photo of how to make the panel into a blind.
I just sewed calico top bottom and about 20cm in between and put a rod in the top to hang.
Too easy!