Monday, May 17, 2010


Autumn in Melbourne is such a great season, the European trees have the most glorious colours and make you look at the beauty around us.
It saddens me to see the campaign against them that is quietly happening. It will be a sad day for Melbourne if the purists for Australian trees get their way and eventually replace them.
I have always felt it is these old trees that make Melbourne such a beautiful city.
Anyway enough of my soapbox. It has been such a busy week in both shops, the colder weather bring our thoughts back to sewing and rugging up.
I have been kept busy with my new family! I have two new babies. Got them for mothers day from the Lort Smith shelter in North Melbourne.
Sid and Nancy are two adorable kittens but so scared! It has taken a week for them to learn to play and still take refuge under the couch the slightest noise. So much so, they are too quick to get a photo that is not blurred. I am sure they will settle in a couple of weeks.
My photos this week are pretty random.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Yarra City Council is taking public submissions on replacing trees in the Fitzroy Gardens... send them an email. I agree. I love both eucalypts and exotics, but it would be said to see the places that have always had giant elms and oaks replanted with little gums...