Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Which one do you like best?

Study in Cream

There is nothing more calming than the shades of cream. I have always wanted to splash colour on my walls, but always change my mind at the last minute.
The picture below was bought on one of my trips to Housten and it was the closest I will ever get to a wholecloth quilt.
When I was a little girl, my Nana had an undamaged paper Nautilus shell that was very carefully wrapped and shown on special occasions. This isn't it but everytime I look at it it brings back that memory. They are such beautiful shells. (or eggs)

Paper Nautilus Shell

Vintage Nighty used as a curtain.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberty and linen Baby's cover

Anyone who knows me, knows that i don't muck around when I am making something. So this baby throw is perfect for those really hot days. Took all of about 30 mins.
Take a piece of fine white linen, cut into 75 cm x 1m. (you could use cotton Voile also)
I used a pack of Liberty 16ths (8 pieces of co-ordinated fabrics in a pack) from the shop.
Trace out a 4" circle onto a template and cut circles from fabrics. (I placed them on top of each other and cut out 8 at a time, you need sharp scissors to do this)
Iron lines down fabric, to us, following ironing line and placing and catching fabric in line, see photo. Repeat 5 times.
Go back and sew across each circle only, back stitch at start and end. Trim cotton threads when finished.
Sew Lace all around, don't worry about a hem just sew straight onto edge (about 1/2" in)
Alternatively you could sew with topstich thread twice around edge in a different colour.
Put into washing machine and wash on warm wash, then into dryer until nearly dry.
Gently pull out edge of lace. (You can iron if you like but I love the crinkled look)



Sunday, February 21, 2010

More photo's

How can anyone not love Vintage! The colours they used are so subtle.

Adrienne's pin cushions

Great Staff

Today I am reminded of how lucky I am to have such fabulous women working for me! I was having a cruisy day including my little afternoon "Nana nap", when i decided I needed some more photo's to put on the blog. So I wondered down to Patchwork and as I walked into the door(about 3ish)I remembered I had completely forgotten to come to work! OMG so sorry!
Adrienne had coped wonderfully (it was so busy) with a little help from Cathy, who had just popped in for something. (I owe you both big time)
It reminded me of the many times i would forget to pick up the kids! (they are now all in therapy, just kidding) sorry kids! Only I was young then.
Now I am like the joke of why women over 50 should not have babies, because they would put them down and forget where they left them!
Anyway Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, (mostly) Adrienne and Cathy. You are the best! Also thanks to the lovely customers who were very understanding.
Here are the photo's I took.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liberty of London New Seasonals

Well I am just back from a relaxing break in Byron Bay, what a lovely part of the world that is. So laid back and a lovely eclectic mix of people.
So instead of the usual happy snaps of food and me frolicking in the sun, I have put the very latest fabrics that have just arrived in the shop. (much more interesting)
The fact that they are the much awaited new Liberty fabrics including Silk and poplin is much more relevant to this blog! Narelle will hopefully have them on the website at the end of next week.
Did I mention that we do have the largest range of Liberty fabric in Australia? yes you say!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Fabric

oops forgot a photo!

French Street Scene

I am particularly fond of the artwork, fabric and even the advertisements from the 50's. So when I saw the fabric I have put in the centre of my new quilt I just had to have it.
I bought it in Japan whilst visiting.
Keeping in the same theme is the plate once again from the 50's and a diorama from Emma from Chibolt

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inspiration from Me to You

Many times the comment I hear in the shop is "I am just here for inspiration" Inspiration for me comes from many sources, including the internet, magazines, vintage items, books and every day living.
The following Liberty garland was inspired by a French artist, I saw some time ago after a lovely customer sent me a link of her work. Her work was quite diverse and she makes many different garlands including felt circle garlands of hand dyed felt.
The picture on my mantlepiece is by the very talented Christina Gordon, her blog is Jam Fancy.
The curtain ties are made and designed by me, using heavy natural linen cut into flower shapes and joined by machine, quick and easy and fun to make. Hope this inspires you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maisie's Quilts etc

I while back I mentioned that my mum had made many many quilts, here are a couple.
I just love two colour quilts and this is one of my favorites. The last crochet rug she made is also gorgeous.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Fish

One of my favourite Aussie movies is Little Fish and before anyone groans, i'd just like to say, even though the old Aussie movies have had a bit of a bashing lately I think they should be supported by us all.
I love that they are different from the commercial crap Hollywood turns out.
Anyway if you haven't seen it, book it out of the video store (showing my age here) and have a look. Not for kids or anyone that does not like a look at the seedier side of life.
Speaking of Little Fish these photos are of my latest market purchase. I don't know why but I had to own them. The dealer I bought them from when asked if he could make them cheaper said he couldn't because they had sentimental value. Obviously not enough!