Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberty and linen Baby's cover

Anyone who knows me, knows that i don't muck around when I am making something. So this baby throw is perfect for those really hot days. Took all of about 30 mins.
Take a piece of fine white linen, cut into 75 cm x 1m. (you could use cotton Voile also)
I used a pack of Liberty 16ths (8 pieces of co-ordinated fabrics in a pack) from the shop.
Trace out a 4" circle onto a template and cut circles from fabrics. (I placed them on top of each other and cut out 8 at a time, you need sharp scissors to do this)
Iron lines down fabric, to us, following ironing line and placing and catching fabric in line, see photo. Repeat 5 times.
Go back and sew across each circle only, back stitch at start and end. Trim cotton threads when finished.
Sew Lace all around, don't worry about a hem just sew straight onto edge (about 1/2" in)
Alternatively you could sew with topstich thread twice around edge in a different colour.
Put into washing machine and wash on warm wash, then into dryer until nearly dry.
Gently pull out edge of lace. (You can iron if you like but I love the crinkled look)




  1. Perfect for an Australia the lace detailing.

  2. I love it--still wont make a ripple in my Liberty Stash!
    The mums of today will love it