Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilt Show

Today is the last day of the Melbourne Quilt Convention. It has been a really fun few days reconnecting with so many of the lovely people I have met over the last 16 years in the craft world. So nice to see some who have been so sick looking so well.
It is great to see and talk to so many new people to craft as well.
Mind you towards the end of yesterday I was feeling the consequences of standing all day and retreated to my chair. I was pretty glad I had resisted the lure to go out and had a really early night.
Even though it is the last day, I must say packing up is my least favourite thing.
Thankfully I have a really good husband that is happy to do all the heavy lifting.
The Tram destination fabric has been the voted most popular item of the show.
This is a photo of how to make the panel into a blind.
I just sewed calico top bottom and about 20cm in between and put a rod in the top to hang.
Too easy!

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