Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Week

New Japanese fabrics in Patchwork on Central Park

New dress made by the talented Kate (one flew over) (Thanks Kate it is gorgeous) Shannon from Auntie Cookie has made a new pattern for a simple sun frock $8.80 available in Patchwork

It has been a pretty busy week around here, Patchwork has been so busy as we are getting a constant stream of new fabrics, today's were Echino.
I saw some great skirts made up in Echino fabric using the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt, it looks amazing and the fabric suits clothing really well.
Effie is on holiday so I am working in the Patchwork shop, I always love doing this as it gives me a fresh look and I usually see all the things I choose to ignore when I just flit in and out.
Mainly my back room! I am a bit guilty of using it as a place to put anything I don't know where to put things, hence the mess it gets in!
I spent yesterday sorting it out and making room for a lot of fabrics that have been replaced with newer ones.
I have put a huge pile of fabrics out for $12 a metre, they are also on the web now in the sale section. I am sure there are quite a few surprises there.
Have a great week and enjoy the rest of the school holidays.
We are eagerly awaiting the huge new shipment of liberty fabrics due, including the new seasonals and many of the classics we are out of.
I will keep you posted.
P.S. We just have all the Oliver + S patterns arrive, I will have some sample made up in the next few weeks.


  1. My absolute pleasure!

    I was in (again) today and the shop is looking beautiful!

  2. Thanks Kate, it does make a difference, it is nice to see the floor!