Friday, March 26, 2010

News Flash "Patchwork on Central Park is NOT Closing"

After being told I was closing down for the third time, I thought it may be a good post subject.
In a word NO. Some mischievous people love to start and pass on a rumor! but please it is always a good idea to check out facts from the source before passing on false information.
As I said in my last post for the year I have decided to put the business up for sale. (look back for details)
Patchwork on Central is a Great business and fabrics are my passion. As anyone who has been in lately can see it is business as usual, with as much new fabric as ever. I have just signed a 3 x 3 x 3 year lease so am not in any great hurry.
I will be sending out my intentions to everyone on my email list after the end of this financial year as well as advertise, as I have done no more about selling than put it on my blog and tell a few customers.
Meanwhile I will have the shop at the Quilt Convention in April and the Sydney Quilt Show in June.
Hope this clears up this subject.

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  1. Well those rumour mongers clearly haven't been in store lately! I love that stash of linen.