Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Contemporary Quilt

When I make a quilt I like to leave it after cutting out for a day or so.
This gives me a bit of space to re arrange the pieces if I feel inclined. With this quilt after first placing the yellow's I decided that they were a little light. The white background that was coming through made them stand out too much. So out came my old skills of tea dying (from my country phase)
Tea Dying
Take large pot put on stove and boil water.
Place 3 - 6 tea bags in pot.
Boil until medium strength tea. Take tea bags out.
Wet fabric to be dyed under tap. Wring out.
Place fabric into dye bath and stir so that it is evenly dyed.
boil for about 5 mins. Take out.
Rinse under cold tap.
Iron dry.
This is really good for that fabric that just does not go with anything. Test fabric first with a small piece, less tea if you just want to take the brightness out. Don't go too dark as it just goes ugly.

The main aim when making this quilt was keeping the fabrics so they all blend without being boring.
Now it is ready to be sent to Casey for quilting.
Kits of these fabrics available in the shop.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product! The top looks great.