Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eclectic Mix

Eclectic is a word that really defines me, I am often asked how I pick fabric, the truth is I have no idea! It really comes down to just going "that one, that one", somehow it seems to work, luckily I have taste that most seem to like.
I finally finished the little Les Olivades baby quilt and as with everything I make it comes down to trial and error. I quilted it across the centre with no letters and then pulled it out, I felt it needed the word, but as always it is a purely personal thing.
I am in a collaboration of sorts with the talented illustrator Charlotte Lance, we will be putting out patterns in the next few months, stay tuned. somehow I got a pic of my cat instead of Charlotte's Jumping Sheep. (lost is found)
The other pic is detail of the 1940's dress that I got in Perth, the fabric is rayon. Luckily it is not from someone super skinny like most vintage dresses so fits me perfectly.