Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Class Info

Dahlias from Sunday Market

This term we have started reintroducing classes to the shop. Whereas in the past there seemed to be less interest, the joys of coming to class is being re discovered.
At the shop we have a great room upstairs that has a wonderful outlook to Central Park opposite and has large stable tables and comfortable chairs. Over this week I will describe a few of the classes on offer.
Starting with our Hand Sampler Quilt by Kate. every second Monday night 7.30 - 10pm

Kate's class is always filled with a lot of laughter as you are introduced to the joy of hand patchwork. Kate starts with the simple blocks and works up to more intricate blocks. All the while creating something that is not only useful but your own individual creation.

I find the busiest people enjoy patchwork the most, as it shuts down your mind, so as you only concentrate on the patchwork and not the work you left behind in the office or home.
Definitely cheap therapy, as after everyone settles in a few weeks, all kind of topics get discussed.
Classes are so diverse that all opinions are given an airing.
While all this is going on Kate imparts her wonderful knowledge of the intricacy of patchwork,
when the basic class is finished you can come back for more advanced quilts and instruction on Hand Quilting and binding in the alternative weeks.
You can join a one off class also to learn had quilting and binding also. Ring or email for more information or to book in, or just drop in to the shop for a show and tell session about the classes.

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