Monday, April 4, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Today I am feeling a little flat after waving mum goodbye again, the month has just flown by. A walk around the garden is always a good remedy as the beauty of Autumn is everywhere.
It helps teach you to "Count your Blessings"


  1. That feeling of flatness is such an empty feeling isn't is. Thinking of you. I love Autumn too, it's my most favourite time of the year. I love the warm days that are fringed either side by cool morning and evenings.

  2. The Autumn leaves are out in our local park, I took some photos yesterday, it was cool but beautiful. It looks like a beautiful week ahead here in Melbourne, enjoy. :)

  3. I know that feeling - and just reading this made me feel it. Feels like you can't shake it.

    Enjoy your time in the garden, so pretty this time of year.