Friday, May 20, 2011


Today I went into a cafe that was really full, there were two women my age (babyboomers) sitting at a table for four.

Their bags were on the seats beside them, taking up the spare spaces. I politely asked if we could use the spare table and chairs. I was shocked by the answer given by of one of them. She indicated that the space was taken. By their bags!
Luckily my faith in women was restored by the other who said sure and moved her bag, I thanked her. The original women still protesting moved her bag and we sat down.

This made me stop and think of the old song and Poster that was everywhere (including toilet walls) in the 70's. I think it is a great reminder to be decent.
Have a good Weekend. Lynn


  1. Are you kidding me?! That is outrageous. I would have picked up that woman's bag and sat down. How rude! I'm sorry to say, I think people are just getting ruder and ruder. I like the Desiderata. I think I'll print it out and start plastering it everywhere.

  2. That WAS on the back door of one of my friends toilet doors when I was growing up!! I loved it then, but has so much more meaning as you grow up.
    Going to get myself a few copies to start giving out too.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This was on the back of our toilet door in the house I grew up in. I read it, or part of it, every time I passed waste for nearly 20 years. It's interesting to read it as an adult, because it has such a different meaning for me now. Thanks for sharing (and sorry to hear your cafe story!).