Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful Morning

Melbourne certainly has a way of making up for bad weather. The last few days have been glorious.
Perfect way to spend a day, cutting back roses that are covering my window, even though it is a lovely effect.


  1. Oh, did you delete the other post? I almost made a comment, I thought it was a very valid point! I am in Adelaide and have never purchased from you but admire your Liberty selection, and you would be my first point of call for that if I had the need. I have bought from overseas online, but only when I can't find the same thing locally or from Australian online stores. We have to support local, or we will only have ourselves to blame if it disappears!

  2. Yes I did delete the post, i thought it may be seen as negative, and self interested. Even though it is a valid point and one I feel strongly about.. Thanks for your comment.