Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday's & Life

Today is my birthday. When I was a child I couldn't wait for my birthday and it took forever for it to come around.
It's a bit of a different story now as they come around much more quickly in fact I am sure I had one last month.
My dear husband actually remembered this year and even made sure by buying me flowers the day before.
And No I am not 60 Mum. (she said "you're turning sixty this birthday aren't you" on the phone the other day)
I am turning 54 which I thought was so old, when I was 19 and Geofff's dear mother Erica was fighting a loosing battle with breast cancer. She was 53 and died seven days before her 54th birthday. Narelle Erica was born on her birthday that year sadly she never saw her, even though she tried so hard to make it, Narelle was 10 days late.
Thankfully we have advanced with screening, education and treatment since then.
She had found a lump and ignored it worrying about it herself but not wanting to worry the family. By the time she did go to the doctor it had got larger and spread through her body, I now think how brave she was, never ever complaining even through all the treatment she endured.
So I think it a joy to get to any birthday and I for one will never complain about getting older, life is a gift even in good and bad times.
So stay vigilant even if you think you are too young to get cancer always get any lump checked thoroughly insist on an ultrasound, I have a friend who is well today because she insisted 20 years ago, even though she was told not to worry she was too young to have Breast Cancer.

This will be my last post for three weeks. I am so excited, I am off to NYC first and then to the Quilt Show in Housten tomorrow.
I will take lots of pictures of the wonderful quilts at the show and share when I get back.
Bye for now, enjoy life.


  1. Have a great time and I really appreciate the message in your post. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time abroad! Yes you are right life is to short and each day is a gift. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Paula x

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Love your yellow roses. :)

    Bon Voyage and have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back.

  4. Happy Birthday Lynn - if I could Id give you a fabric range with lecien for your birthday! have an ace trip.

  5. A very happy birthday - now I know why I love your shops and blog - It is actually my birthday today 19th October and I am in fact 60 today!!!

    Hope you have a most enjoyable trip and await seeing all the goodies when you return

    Best wishes Cilla Rule

  6. So true, every word ... Happy Birthday and happy trip!
    Barbara :) x