Friday, November 11, 2011

New York, New York

Loopy Mango enlarge and check out the stitchery's on the wall
Patis floor
Loopy Mango

Loopy Mango
Great breakfast
Williamsberg Graffiti

Brooklyn Market

Brooklyn Bridge
ABC Carpet and Home

This is a quick rundown of some of the best places I visited in New York this time. New York is just like a big Melbourne and it is amazing how such a big city can have such a village feel. So next time you visit check out the following places. First buy the 7 day Metro card, such great value and easy to get around.
One of the best cafes is Noho Star they do wonderful fresh berries and pancakes, in fact Noelle wanted to eat there everyday but we only went there twice, we did meet a lady who lives in NY and she has breakfast there every day. (get off at Bleeker St subway station) You can just wander around the area when you are finished.
Le Pain Quodient are great for coffee and pastries. These are springing up everywhere but the first one I had visited was in ABC Carpet & Home. Every one we visited was great though.
There seems to be great food places everywhere down in the Soho area. Also had a really good lunch in Patis in the Meat Packing District. Such a beautiful building, the mosaic tiles are amazing and after walk over to the Highline. An old above ground railway line that has been transformed into an urban garden.
Make time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, truly awesome. Even though I have been to NY this was the first time I have done it. Williamsberg in Brooklyn is another great area for foodies, go to Bedford St. Great Vintage shops there too.

Best Craft/Fabric shop we went to. Brooklyn General Store, after going there walk back to Smith St and walk back towards NYC and there are great shops and a wool Cafe. Also found a place called Loopy Mango for wool enthusiasts back in Manhattan that was a bit like Scarlet Jones with wool at the back.

Shopping is everywhere you look,ABC Carpet and Home is my all time favourite.
I tend to keep out of the big department stores as they have gone the same way as ours. Wall to wall mass produced Chinese goods.
Usually where there is an Anthropologie there are good small stores around so have a wander around those areas. the one on 9th Ave in the Meat packing District has great independent shops around it. I am sure you can google for more details on these places if you need more info.
Anyway I have crapped on enough so check out some pics.


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  1. Hi Lyn, I loved your Before I Die photo, we did this in the local libraries also in Yarra Glen and Healesville - had a great response.