Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ticket Giveaway - Albert Nobbs

From director Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child) Albert Nobbs is a witty period drama about the lives of staff at one of Dublin's most luxurious hotels - Morrison's - and the hotel's butler, Albert Nobbs... a woman who disguises herself as a man to survive. 19th Century Ireland: for a woman to be independent and single, she must deceive everyone - by passing as a man. Albert, a shy butler who keeps himself to himself, has been hiding a deep secret for some thirty years - ‘he' is a woman who has had to dress and behave as a man in order to escape a life of poverty and loneliness. As Albert Nobbs begins to question the world she has created for herself, and thinks she may have found a soul-mate, she dares to hope that she might one day live a life free of secrets. Glenn Close stars in the title role of Albert, an award-winning role she played on stage more than twenty years ago. Close puts in a remarkable, heart-rending performance as the complex character and pulls off an incredible transformation. Albert Nobbs is a wonderful drama full of humour, pathos and tenderness.

In cinemas December 26th.

We are excited to announce a special ticket giveaway for our Patchwork on Central Park blog regulars! The first 5 people to email us at patchpark@bigpond.com will win a free double pass thanks to Hopscotch films, valid from January 12 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and ACT.

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