Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have still had a lot of people coming in to say sorry we are going. Good news is we are going nowhere! Everyone loves to spread a bit of bad news but we have all been busy filling them in on the truth of the matter.
1.We will have fabric, just not the ranges of American Patchwork! Or Patchwork books.
No point trying to compete with the OS
Online store.
2. We will have notions, battings, pillow inserts,ribbons etc.Japanese books.
3. We will have basics, solids, checks, stripes.
4. We will have beautiful Japanese fabrics.
5. WE WILL HAVE THE LARGEST RANGE OF LIBERTY OF LONDON fabrics including some silks, jerseys.
6. We will have beautiful linens and French fabrics including Les Olivades and toiles.
7. Scarlet Jones Hawthorn is staying where it is in Auburn Rd.
8. We will have classes.
9. Patchwork on Central Park will be an Internet site only with free shipping on orders over $50 from Feb.
As well as all this we will carry some linen and cotton
clothing and homewares (different stock to Hawthorn.)
Hope this clears the misconceptions, everyone will love the changes, except the silly ones who used us and shops like us to check out fabrics before buying on the Internet.
Cheers, Lynn


  1. I have purchased a copy of a Japanese pattern book, which you mailed to me in Tasmania.

    I will be in Melbourne weekend after next. Is it possible to visit the shop and view a book with some translation of the fabric requirements and notions?

  2. Hi Sue, probably best if you bring your particular book with you so we can help work out requirements.