Sunday, January 24, 2010

Camberwell Market & Textiles

Anyone who knows me, knows my favourite part of the week is Sunday morning. I love the quietness of visiting the market before the crowds get there. I love the impersonality, unlike garage sales which I am not a fan. This post is what I bought today. I love fabric, lace and scarves new and old.
Some weeks you find nothing, but you never know what you will find, I have got some lovely things there over the years. If you live in Melbourne and haven't been make time,
if you are a visitor definitely make time if you love vintage.
It is held in the public carpark behind the Burke Rd, Camberwell shops between dawn and 12pm. I recommend getting there fairly early but maybe not dawn, about 9am is a good time.


  1. What gorgeous beauties you scored! Lovely inspiration for today - thanks Lynn.

  2. OK, so one Sunday I"m getting up early enough to hit the markets. And I don't know what's changed at this end, but I can finally comment on your lovely blog Lynn! See you in store soon, Sophie.