Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Whoo Hoo! I have four days off in a row, but before I get too excited I remember what I have planned on doing. House sorting! My feeble excuse for having a messy house is I am busy, but if I face the truth it is because I bring too much stuff into my house.
So this Easter I am having a purge. I may even be gutsy enough to put before and after pictures on the blog.
Patchwork on Central is only open on the Saturday over Easter and Scarlet is closed for the four days.
The pictures I have put on this post are the bundle of fabrics I had on my blog a week or so ago.
I cut out and did the placement on my sewing night (Saturday night at the shop, I hate football!)
Adrienne M did a beautiful job of sewing it together, thanks Adrienne.
It consists of 8 x 8 squares, 10 half metres (again) cut into 9 1/2"squares, 9" finished. Then randomly placed, ends up being a really nice size. I still love good old squares quilts. It really is about the fabrics, I think this one will be hand quilted. It turned out so nice.
Have a great Easter!
P.S. Welcome to Rita from Red Pepper Quilts to our teaching team!


  1. Happy Easter Lynn and good luck with the house purge!

    Love the latest quilt...has my favourite Liberty seasonal in it, gorgeous.

  2. This seasonal's crop have been so beautiful! Hope the kids don't wake you up too early on Sunday morning, enjoy the journey it passes too quickly!

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