Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liberty Quilt

As anyone who comes into Patchwork knows, we have the largest range of Liberty of London fabrics in Australia. I have always been a huge fan, since I discovered the fabrics when I was first working in the 70's and would go and buy small pieces at to just have. Later I made dresses for my youngest in it. (I get told now how disgustingly I dressed her)
The colours in the fabric have always been so subtle and it is just beautiful to work with.
It is nice to see that it is being re discovered at the moment and loved the post on it on an US blog truup.
Lucky me now I have a shop full, so dress regularly in the fabric. We have a wonderful dressmaker that will make up my favourite dresses and blouses for me. This is also a service that we offer to our customers and there has been some lovely clothing made in the past.
The photo's are of a quilt Mum made many years ago using scraps saved. The pattern is available at the shop free for anyone who buys any Liberty fabric in April, in the shop or online.
Enjoy your week.

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  1. I'm sure Maddie will be saying the same thing to me when she is older..