Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quilt in progress

I did decide to quilt in red using the linen thread I had, my quilting is a little less than perfect but still, I love the feel of a hand quilted quilt, so soft.
I decided to use double polydown as the batting to give it that old eiderdown look.
Still haven't decided whether to put the letters or just quilt the words, what do you think?


  1. It's a tricky one! I think the words quilted would look great.

    But I would probably omit the letters altogether and quilt some squares in the center - that red thread looks beautiful

  2. I also think just the words quilted would be best, don't really know why.

    What a beautiful lady your mum is must be all the beautiful things she makes as well. Love the knitted coathangers.

    Thought you might like to see one of my embroideries for my Alice quilt.

    Best wishes Cilla Rule

  3. Yes my mum has an inner beauty and has always been a half full kind a gal.
    i love your Alice!