Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liberty Butterflies

Yesterday I actually got back into sewing and for a change was happy with what I made. I am the type if anything is not looking how I envisage it never get's finished.
Not a great trait I know, but luckily for me I just rip it up and put it in the scrap box at the shop.
I love the butterfly fabric I have at the shop and what better way to use it than pair it with Liberty fabric, the colours are perfect together.
I will make up a kit for anyone interested and a pattern will be available free with fabric for anyone else. It is made of fat 1/4s and all ripped. An easy made in an afternoon quilt.
It would be wonderful to do lots of embellishing on the butterflies but I will just be sending it to the machine quilters and hand stitching around the butterfly's.

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