Monday, February 6, 2012


I usually lead quite a mundane life but this Sunday I had a day that was absolutely filled.
Starting with my early morning a Camberwell Market for beautiful fresh flowers (pink was the colour of the day) I was lucky to bump into Adrienne and had a lovely catch up before she went to the shop for Sunday opening. She had a gift for me so extra surprise.
It was a great book on the flea markets around the world couldn't wait to look at it and it is full of photo's and great information, may even be lucky enough to get to some one day.
Next I went to the Gift Fair in the city and met a friend, had a quick run around.
Then to an open for inspection at Albert Park, thinking of moving.
Finally went to the Como to see the delightful doco on Bill Cunningham. The original "Sartorialist"
A must see! Bill is 80 years old and has been photographing fashion trends on the streets of New York for 50 years.
Japanese at the restaurant across the road for dinner after and home to quilt.
A day well spent!