Sunday, March 11, 2012


Kate's gorgeous grandchildren under hand pieced and quilted patchwork quilts she made.
Angie's hand patchwork Liberty Circles Quilt
Effies Last Split nine patch appliqued quilt.

Kathy's machine sampler class.

We have been surprised by the resurgence of demand for classes here at Patchwork this year. For the last couple of years the demand has not been there due to tutorials etc. but I think everyone is starting to discover the joys of attending classes. Where else can you connect with like minded people from such a diverse demographic? and discuss a huge variety of topics while learning a skill.
I myself have always attended the odd class at a variety of locations, it gives my creativity a boost and I find it money well spent. There is nothing like hands on tuition to help learn a new skilland re inspire you.
Over the next few weeks I will put up some photo's of classes we offer this term, here are a few today.

Effie is beginning her Sleeping Beauty quilt class this week and there are a couple of places available. It teaches you basic applique and piecing skills, great for getting started in hand Patchwork, I only have a photo of her last version but this one is same but different applique design, same quilt design.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, classes are such a lovely way to meet fellow quilters but also gain the first hand knowledge that tutorials online and in books just cannot give.

    As a previous student of Kate's - I cannot speak highly enough of her class, she has a wealth of knowledge and is very willing to share it.