Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Beautiful Echino Linen blend

 Anna Maria Horner Velveteens
 Anna Maria Horner Flannels (original price $17)
One thing about Patchwork on Central Park is All the fabrics here are good, I continually clear any that are "dogs" in past Sale's, so that makes it really good for a Sale that goes until the end of all the Patchwork Fabrics.  It has been really busy in the shop this week as everyone does grab a bargain and stock up their stash. There is still heaps left. (scary really how much stock I actually have) Here are some more photo's of some of the great fabrics in the shop on Sale.
Also couldn't resist showing Marg's quilt in her basket as she was leaving Adrienne's class.
Please read 18th Oct Post about our change if you don't know  all about the changes coming next year here!
p.s. I have decided to keep the online shop as Patchwork on Central Park so will have all the Liberty fabrics and basics on.

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