Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sale is Ongoing

We have been inundated with customers wishing me the best for my future plans, some I have not seen for many years. Most are looking forward to the changes, some not so happy. Everyone is enjoying the fabulous bargains though and taking advantage to stock up on gorgeous fabrics.
We have sold a lot of fabric over the last week and a half but still have a long way to go, so as I have mentioned before it all stays on Sale until it is all gone, there is a lot of beautiful fabric on the shelves at Patchwork on Central Park..
As I am going on a buying trip to Paris and USA in January it is looking like the changes won't be made until February. I have decided to close both shops for two weeks at Christmas.
I will try to put a few fabrics on the blog every day to give everyone who reads this blog a chance to grab a bargain.  Today's are Anna Maria Horner Loulouthai Velveteens special price of $16 m for blog readers 54" (1m min)

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