Monday, June 21, 2010

Sydney Show

Our stand at Darling Harbour featuring Antique quilts and remakes.

Well we got back last night and must say how much I enjoyed the Sydney quilt Show.
It is just like a holiday, it is so nice catching up with friends old and new, going out to dinner with such a nice crowd always is a highlight.Eating and walking around the colourful Chinatown (thanks Kathy) on a lovey night makes me feel how lucky I am.
Then going to eat at Stanly St in Surrey Hills on the next night and walking back through the city via the amazing light show on at the Cathedral (thanks Sarah).
We stayed at The Goldsborough Apartments just near the convention and it was great, I recommend them to everyone if you are going to Sydney.
Such a lovely old building. Hope your week has been as good.


  1. Glad to have you back Lynn! Looking forward to hearing all about the show.

  2. Great to meet you there...your stand was lovely & inspirational. I hope to make my linen scarf in the next few days & my daughter is playing with the Liberty on her pashmina. Fun!