Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sale on Friday and Saturday including LIBERTY

Emma and Ben looking over Cottesloe Beach in Perth
Getting ready for Sydney Needlework Show 1th to 20th June at Darling Harbour

I am sorry to see the end of my favourite season in Melbourne but everything good always comes to an end.
So I am having a Welcome Winter Sale at Patchwork. There is 20% off everything inside the shop.
There will be some great clearance fabrics as I have heaps of new fabric coming in, due in the near future. (I will keep you posted)
It is always a great time to work out what backs you need to finish quilts.
As usual I will have hugely discounted fabrics on the sidewalk.
Note *Cash only and 1m minimums on the $5 and $10 fabrics only.
For web customers you get 20% off for the two days but may not be able to fill all orders as they may be sold at the Sale.
Look forward to seeing everyone there.
P.S. If you are not on our mailing list email us at patchpark@bigpond to put yourself on.
This is the only way apart from the blog we let everyone know.

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