Thursday, October 7, 2010

Around the Store

This week I have been in the shop quite a bit as Kathy is away, having a well earned break.
So I have been changing everything around, as usual creating a bit of chaos.
Yesterday I received my gorgeous vintage carpet patchwork rug, these rugs appear in the European interior magazines quite a bit.
I first saw them in the flesh when my friend Deb from Calico and Ivy showed me them at ABC Carpet and Home in NY. She bought the loveliest one there.
I have been in love with them since and had to have one, this one is a gorgeous addition to the shop and like always when you get something new it makes you want to refresh everything.

The quilt in the photo is Sonya's, she came in today and showed us her Baby Birdsong she made over the weekend. Starting with a square of vintage Noddy sheet in the centre she matched other fabrics beautifully last week. It turned out so nice I thought it needed to be shown.

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