Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Yesterday I finally got a day off, with all this de cluttering, Mag Square and Sale, I haven't had any time out. So yesterday I had a day out.
I love the vibe in Fitzroy so had lunch at Arcadia with a friend Simone and walked up and down Gertrude Street.
Shops there are really diverse, sadly one of my favourite ones, Three Quarters is leaving and will only have their Brunswick W store. They have unique mid Century furniture.
The Vintage stores in Fitzroy have lovely quality clothing, especially Circa. I could not resist a fifties blouse that had my name on it, which was new old stock.
I didn't get a chance to go to Meet Me At Mikes, Pip has just put out a new book and I especially loved the Skirt and Bean bag. I will get there next time.
After Fitzroy I went to Pinoak Cresent in Flemington to check out Simone's shop Wild Jam.
Simone has great taste and her shop is full of fabulous things.
Anyway to cut a long story short (not really) Simone showed me some cute as Christmas birds.
After trying madly to get some, the wholesaler said there is no more.
So being an old crafter I decided to make my own. Cute huh! There will be many more to come.

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