Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Bookends

My cats Sid and Nancy have finally settled in, they were on shaky ground there for a while. I was very close to sending them back. It took three months before they would let us near them or touch them, sadly they had been mistreated in a previous home so were very scared.
Now is a different story and they think we are the pets and they are the owners of the house. They are very sweet though and really good cats.
I was hoping they may scare away the Possums, but I think they have just made friends with them and are quite fascinated, watching them eat my Roses.
The images I have put on with this post are from an old Marie Claire Maison, and Elle decoration. I just love this eclectic decorating style and I am hoping to eventually recreate the feel in my home, in a fashion.
I am pretty bored with just the white with wooden floors and bland decor. I love seeing a bit of individual personality in rooms that reflect who lives there.

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