Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

I have been a bit of a bah humbug kinda girl for the last few years when it comes to Christmas.
I think it started when my adult children were still at home and I had to drag them out of bed to eat Christmas dinner. (who cared that they had got home from the night before at 10am and were feeling extremely seedy)
Little ones certainly made Christmas much more fun. Even though being woken up at 4 am didn't seem like fun at the time, it really was!
Enjoy it while it lasts if you have small children it goes very quickly, and it is so much fun sharing the excitement of Christmas with them.

Anyway I thought this year I will get into the Spirit of Christmas! This is my first offering. If you would like a copy of the "how to" sheet call into the shop next week or put yourself on the email list and I will email you a copy. (I am not in the shop again until Sunday)
P.S. For anyone that does not know we are open from 12 - 4 on a Sunday.


  1. I LOVE Christmas...just love it.

    And am really making the most of the kids being so excited, it is very sweet.

  2. Great time for bribery to be good as well!