Monday, November 8, 2010

Heath, Love and Wealth

And Time To Enjoy Them. Welcome to a new week.
What wise words are on this very old pewter plate, I think we all need to heed this advice, especially me, work has a way of becoming too big a part in my life, I am making a big effort to get out more and it works.
These are my market finds from yesterday that somehow found my way into the house. The vase is beautiful old heavy stoneware.
I know I am getting rid of things but these were just too nice not to keep. The Roses are Iceberg's from my garden. They are looking so pretty at the moment.


  1. On your day off you should get up to 'The Viewpoint'... lovely tearooms that would be right up your alley, full of antique china and furniture, all the outdoor tables have their own crocheted rugs, they also have the best homemade scones.

    You would love it. Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Kalorama

  2. Thanks Kate, I will definitely do that, thanks for the tip.