Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life on the Lawn

I always say I need go on the show " Life on the Lawn." At the moment we are having our own show.
I am having my house painted at the moment and talk about turmoil, all our possessions (maybe more of mine than anyone's) are in two rooms and out on the back lawn. I am even going to work really early to get out of the house.
Can't wait until they are finished but then the fun starts. I hate to think about putting it all back as now I look in and then shut the door, and do a Scarlet "tomorrow is another day!"
I bought these fragrant Lilly of the Valley at the Market this morning to cheer myself up, they are so pretty.
During the week I took some photo's of work in progress of lovely customers, that was looking just gorgeous. Loved the green version of Effie's split 9 patch.

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