Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's interesting how recycle is such a thing now, for our mothers and grandmothers it was just the norm. Everything was always re used and all mum's vegi scraps were just put in a hole in the backyard, things were mended and even when they could not be the buttons were always removed and then the fabric saved for the ragman.
These quilts were made many years ago from old 1980's prom dresses (remember that taffeta) I went "yuk" when Mum first made them but now see the beauty in them, the jewel colours are so pretty.
The bag is made like her rugs, crochet strips of leftover fabric, she made three while she was here.
I love it.

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  1. What wonderful childhoods we have been privileged
    to have had !So many valuable lessons-for those not so lucky,there is this spirited blog to feed their souls and nurture them .
    And ,by the way, that crocheted bag is really something gorgeous...