Monday, May 7, 2012


I am sure I have said this before, but Autumn in Melbourne is glororious. At the beginning we get crisp clear days and as it sets in in gets colder but then the trees turn such gorgeous colours. I never tire of it no matter how many years I live here.
Tonight the skies over Melbourne put on such a light show, unfortunately i could only snap it on my iphone.

 These below are a couple of snaps of displays at Scarlet Jones, Em and Aimee are doing a brilliant job, Aimee is bringing all her wonderful florist skills to Scarlet and bringing the shop to life, with all the beautiful Autumn foliage so expertly arranged.

The shop is very busy at the moment and I have been coaxed into selling some of my quilt samples, this at least will make me get busy and sew up some to replace them. I will show my fabric choices tomorrow.

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