Friday, May 4, 2012


Whenever I say I have been to "Friends of Mine" I am usually asked where do they live? But  it is actually a cafe in Swan St Richmond and is one of my favourite cafe's.
They currently have an exhibition of Christina Gordon's artwork which goes to show Melbourne is a small world.
 Friends of Mine has great food, especially breakfast,  really good service and exceptionally nice staff with an eclectic mix of customers and not only Hipsters.
 It is one of three cafe's run by dynamic guys Theo and Jason. I am in awe of these guys as everything they do is fabulous including the interiors.
The latest project, is their foray into fashion down the street from Scarlet Jones and is called Swoon.
Their other two cafe's are Porgies and Mr Jones in Auburn Rd and Snowpony in Box Hill. These are equally as good.

Thanks to all that wrote comments on the Lotta post. The winners are
Jo, Lisa and Sandra. 
Just email me at with your address.

Have a lovely weekend. Lynn

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  1. Thanks Lynn. I didn't realise that Friends of Mine, P and MrJ and the brand new Swoon were connected! Even more reasons apart form the obvious, Scarlet Jones, to go to Auburn Village!