Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well here I am still procrastinating. Tonight's  form is making a bunny. When my niece was a baby mum made her a rabbit toy named Bun Bun and she loved it so much.
I remember when it became so dirty it had to be washed, she stood under that clothes line crying "bun bun" waiting for it to dry. Lucky it was Perth so was probably only about an hour. When she finally got it back she hugged it so close. It makes me smile thinking of it.
Here is how to make your own.
 Cut pattern from card
 trace onto doubled jersey face together (fold one piece in half so there is two layers)
 Sew around legs arms and ears, cut out, turn rs out and place ears and arms inside body, sew around body, leave bottom open, turn rs out. Stuff body then place legs at bottom and stitch closed.
Embroider face and either leave or dress to suit.
 Sid was fascinated

So this little bunny made from the oh so soft Japanese double jersey (I have in the shop) is named Bun Bun in memory of that bunny forty odd years ago.

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