Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday I spent the day having a photo shoot in my house for a magazine and saw how hard these girls worked, Julia Green and Armelle Habib and the lovely assistants worked solidly not even stopping for so much as a coffee or lunch.  I have now decided I don't work as hard as I thought I did, they were a delight to have and will keep you posted for when it appears. It looks so nice I may have to reconsider moving.
Shame about the overflow in my spare room though, maybe I will just board it up, I am sure I will never miss that mountain of stuff in there. 
I think I have been coming down with some bug the last week but it has been pretty strange,  but I have just been ignoring it.
By the end of yesterday after the weekend scrubbing the house I was exhausted and went to bed early, Geoff kindly brought me a cup of tea but I fell asleep holding it and spilled it all over the doona and me. I must say that woke me up, I almost felt like leaving it but dragged myself out and changed myself and the sheets. Note to self; don't have tea in bed if tired!!!
Anyway found this gorgeous blog a while ago and it is now my new favourite. Think I will try this recipe tomorrow.

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