Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Does anyone have the same problem as me? I know I should just finish that Birdsong I have started but just don't seem to have the drive. Funny when you have a new project you can't wait to get into it but if it is something you have done before and have to re do it it loses it's gloss.

I have sewn one of the strips, as Scarlett O'hara would say, "tomorrow is another day"
So I will leave you of images of my tassel garland made by ripping 2cm strips of Liberty (10cm each one) folding into four then twisting in the centre until it curls up. Then tie it at the bottom of the twist. Voila! repeat 17 times and thread onto a string.
Have fun!

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  1. procrastination is my middle should see all the other stuff I do instead of getting through my to do list. oh well.